RDM Group’s role in COVID-19 crisis management

As part of the essential materials value chain, RDM Group embraces its responsibility.

We are facing challenging times. The coronavirus crisis turned our daily lives upside-down in a way that was unpredictable.

As a company, our duty is to ensure Health and Safety of our colleagues, make sure to deliver essential material for packaging to our customers and keep the supply chains moving, especially for the food, hygiene and pharmaceutical sector ensuring the integrity of the products delivered.

Safety of our employees

The Health and Safety of our employees has always been a priority for us, and is even more so during this difficult period.


At this hard and critical time, RDM Group and all its employees have ensured their continuous support to customers and communities.


We have closely followed and have strictly implemented the measures recommended  by the health and government authorities, both at global and local level to keep all our workers in the safest conditions. We keep monitoring all scientific, medical and governmental sources to ensure that all our measures are compliant with current legislation and up to date with the latest international best practices.


All measures that we have taken to address the risk of contagion, apply to anyone entering our facilities, as we care for the safety of our workers and of our business partners as well, who team up with us to rise to the challenge.

Supporting our customers

We have always known that sustainable development of renewable, recyclable and actually recycled products bring great value to society.


Today the value of fibre-based materials is becoming even stronger as key element to keep citizens supplied with essential products, as also recognized by many governments and retailers around the world.


We take responsibility for being one of the players of the basic materials supply chain: we have kept all our facilities across Europe fully operational. We have worked hard, and will continue to do so, together with our customers and suppliers to guarantee that essential products reach their destination, whether they are retailers, pharmaceutical  services or people’s homes, safely.



RDM Group embraces its responsibility

Renewable, recyclable and actually recycled products in a regenerative format.



RDM Group is an integrated part of a wider virtuous circular economy, through its business model.


Adopting a circular approach means looking beyond the mere production cycle and embracing greater responsibilities to our society and environment. In a context where our raw materials are considered as precious resources, our model builds on a regenerative system able to give them a new lease of life.


Now more than ever, we will spend all our energies to help all our partners and society as a whole to go through this sanitary emergency and fully support them to restart and boost our economies



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