About us

Our History

There are some major milestones that made the RDM Group one of the most important players in our industry.

XVII Century: Some mills that are now part of RDM Group are founded


1967: Cartiere del Reno was founded, with a plant in Marzabotto (Bologna). The plant in Ovaro was acquired and in 1986 the papermill Binda de Medici; the company then changed its name to Reno De Medici. In 1997 the merger with Saffa group took place and in 1998 with Sarrio.


1985: Cascades, founded in Canada in 1964 and today an industry giant, acquired its first paper mill in Europe, La Rochette, thereby expanding their range of activity.


2008: With a view to rationalising resources, Reno de Medici and Cascades Europe joined forces: the company dedicated to recycled production took the name Reno De Medici, and the company dedicated to sales was called CAREO. This was followed by a period of intense restructuring.


2016: Reno De Medici Group, Cascades La Rochette and the company dedicated to sales was called CAREO united into a single group with a single identity: the RDM Group. The new governance created a completely renewed group Vision, that is, it became “Partner of Choice”, redefining Values, Strategies and Goals.


2017 – Today: A period of steady growth followed through transformations and mergers: the Group finalized the 100% acquisition of PAC Service in 2017, RDM Barcelona Cartonboard in 2018, Paprinsa in 2021, ESKA in 2021 and Fiskeby in 2023. In 2021 RDM Group sold R.D.M. La Rochette: as a result, the Group left the virgin fibers segment in order to focus just on the recycled one.


2021: Cascades sells the shares held in RDM Group to Apollo Global Management, a US investment fund.