Certifications and recognitions

The RDM Group has adopted management systems based on international standards.

These systems are voluntarily submitted to controls by independent third-party bodies that attest to their compliance with the standards chosen as the reference point. In this manner, the RDM Group promotes excellence and continuous improvement for its key processes.


Certificates of external certification of the management systems active in each plant, with indication of the year of first certification achieved:

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ISO 45001 ISO 9001 ISO 14001 EMAS BLAUER ENGEL ISO 50001 FSC® PEFC BRC/EN15593
/ISO 22000
Arnsberg 2024 1992 1997 1997 2010
Barcelona 2021 1996 1998 2000 2020 2015 2010
Blendecques 1995 2014 2008
Fiskeby 1991 1997 2022 2010 2010 2007
Headquarters Milan 2019 1996 2021 2021 2023
Hoogezand 2023 1997 2014 2020 2008 2012
Magenta 2023 1996 2010
Ovaro 2020 1996 2004 2015 2015 2009 2017
PAC Service 2021 1997 2010 2009 2018
Paprinsa 2023 2022 2012
S. Giustina 2020 1996 2001 2015 2010 2016 2020
Sappemeer 2023 1997 2014 2020 2008 2012
Villa S.Lucia  2020  1996  2005 2015  2010
Where used, the acronym FSC® is done in accordance with the user license code FSC-C081817.
Any eventual local documentation such as local policies and/or environmental document not included above is available upon request to the relevant site.


RDM Group statements, with indication of the date of last release:

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RDM Group 01/02/2024



Integrated Quality, Environmental, Safety and Energy Policy

Within the economic, organisational and business context, in line with its commitment and the market, RDM Group wishes to implement and maintain an lntegrated Management System that meets the requirements of multiple standards.


This is necessary for RDM Group to act as a key player in its own market and to stand out with respect to the management of the Quality of its products, Environmental issues, Safety at work and a rational use of Energy, with the end goal of ensuring the satisfaction of Stakeholders and, also, for a continuous improvement.


The protection of the Environment, Health and Safety of workers, as well as the satisfaction of Customers and other Stakeholders are key factors for RDM Group business success on the market, favouring the consolidation of economic and financial performance and contributing to the sustainable development that drives the strategy of RDM Group.


The prevention of deforestation and respect for work ethics by the Group are principles that the Group has formalized in a document available to all stakeholders

Recently, RDM Group has reinforced its commitment to the environment and preventing deforestation through the new integrated FSC°/PEFC policy.


The document details with greater clarity the way in which it is monitored and the Group’s exclusion from any illegal forest-related activity.


This new policy is in line with the ongoing FSC°/PEFC Management System upgrading, in accordance with the new features provided by the two standards’ latest editions.


RDM commitment towards a sustainable business

RDM Group in top 5 per cent of EcoVadis worldwide sustainability ratings

RDM Group has been awarded the gold Corporate Social Responsibility (‘CSR’) rating by EcoVadis, a leading provider of business sustainability ratings. By achieving the EcoVadis Gold Medal, the Group demonstrates the commitment to responsible and sustainable business practices.


The EcoVadis rating provides a thorough assessment of a company’s sustainability and corporate social responsibility practices, evaluating environmental, social, and ethical factors throughout its value chain.