Sustainability Old


We have published our 2023 Sustainability Report, which accurately and transparently outlines our commitments to becoming a more sustainable business and the progress we made last year. True sustainability requires a team effort.

That’s why we rely on our people to forge a different way of working, thinking and living.

We consider them our sustainability heroes.


Take a look at our full Sustainability Plan and recent efforts in the 2023 Sustainability Report.



RDM Group’s materiality matrix is the result of an ambitious engagement program that has involved some of the most important customers, suppliers and investors through a dedicated online survey. Compared to the previous survey, we strongly wanted to broaden the audience of Stakeholders to give greater value and representativeness to the results. The analysis and evaluation process was set up with the aim of representing the business as a whole.


The results of the external and internal evaluations- which were expressed by top management during a dedicated internal workshop –  are graphically translated into the materiality matrix that illustrates the fifteen material topics for RDM Group.



To facilitate the search and analysis of key sustainability data, we have created a dedicated “Sustainability Performance” appendix that contains the main non-financial data. All data have been verified by our Independent auditors, as they are part of the Sustainability Report, which we invite you to consult for more information.