Committees and other bodies

Appointments Committee

The Board of Directors has established an Appointments Committee comprising three non-executive and mostly independent directors:

  • Giulio Antonello (Chairman)
  • Laura Guazzoni
  • Sara Rizzon

The members of the Appointments Committee are in office until the end of the term of directors and, therefore, until the approval of the financial statements as of 31 December 2022.


The Board of Directors has delegated he following functions and responsibilities to the Appointments Committee:

  • to submit opinions to the Board of Directors with respect to size and composition of the same;
  • to make recommendations on the professional individuals whose presence on the board is considered appropriate, as well as on the issues concerning any maximum number of appointments of directors in other listed, banking, financial or large companies and exemptions from the non-competition clause pursuant to art. 2390 of the Civil Code, possibly authorized by the assembly;

to propose to the Board of Directors candidates for the office of chairman in cases of co-optation, where it is necessary to replace independent directors.