The Sustainability Value Report intends to accurately and transparently represent the results achieved by the RDM Group in developing the business activities with a view to growth and creating value for all the stakeholders in the long term.

It describes the main risks and opportunities, generated by RDM Group or presented to it, in relation to environmental and social aspects, as well as relating to respect for human rights and the fight against corruption.


Applying the principles established by the reporting standard adopted and in compliance with the criteria of good and effective business management, in defining the contents of the Report and also identifying the priorities on which to focus the Group’s commitment for developing business in a sustainable manner, we conducted a process analysing the areas where the Group’s activities can contribute most to the improvement or deterioration of the social, economic and environmental conditions of the territories and communities in which the RDM Group is a part.


This analysis process is translated graphically into a map that illustrates the main risks and opportunities characterising the sustainability scenario in which the RDM Group interacts.


The strategies and actions undertaken by RDM Group are illustrated for each of these topics, showing the management, the results achieved and the goals for further development.

The Sustainability Value Report, submitted to verification by the Independent Auditors, constitutes the consolidated non-financial Statement of the Reno De Medici S.p.A. company and its Subsidiaries, prepared pursuant to Legislative Decree 254/2016 in implementation of EU Directive 95/2014 on the “communication of non-financial information and information on diversity by certain companies and certain large groups”.

The Document was prepared by applying the methodologies and principles provided by by the reporting standard. Global Reporting Initiative Sustainability Reporting Standards: “Core” option, defined in 2016 and elaborated by the Global Sustainability Standards Board.