Remuneration data

Stock grant

In 2017, assignments related to the Stock Grant Plan for the 2017/2018/2019 three-year period were held, reserved for the Chief Executive Officer and established by the Shareholders’ Meeting of 28 April 2017.

The Plan includes:

  • the free conferrement to the beneficiary of rights to the assignment, free of charge, up to maximum 2,262,857 ordinary shares of the Company, exclusively at the end of the term and subject to the achievement of predetermined performance targets;
  • a three-year performance period;
  • the allocation and delivery of the ordinary shares of the Company relevant to the Plan, subject to: (i) the verification by the Board of Directors of the achievement of specific performance targets during the three-year reference period and (ii) the fact that the beneficiary holds the office of Chief Executive Officer of Reno De Medici S.p.A. for the entire period of validity of the Plan.