Reno De Medici, Cascades La Rochette and Careo will become a unified group under a new and unique identity: RDM

This new identity is the result of a journey that started in 2008, with the strategic business combination between 2 major cartonboard producers in Europe, Cascades Europe and Reno De Medici, as well as the creation of Careo. This integration was finalized in June this year with the contribution of the La Rochette mill into the Reno De Medici group, resulting in one unified company.

RDM becomes one company, one brand, with one strategy and one management team, aligned in order to reinforce even further the value creation to all our business partners. This is good news for all of our stakeholders, external as well as internal ones. We become more agile and flexible, and we will continue to build stronger relationships opportunities between the new RDM entity and our customers”, says Michele Bianchi, the new RDM group CEO.

The outstanding level of quality and service will remain RDM’s priority. The company will take them even further and deploy more consistent and customer friendly processes, more unified approach across all its mills and sales offices throughout Europe. It will make use of its experience and expertise collected over many years of operations in many different countries to create recognisable first-in-class standard that from now on will be associated with this newly unified brand RDM.

We want to strengthen our presence and visibility in Europe and overseas, and deliver a better promise to all our customers” Bianchi added.

Together with the new brand, RDM is introducing a new logo, which represents the unity, reliability and credibility of this newly formed company.

This new brand will be launched on January 1st, 2017 and will be gradually implemented across the different operations and offices in Europe.

RDM is a multinational organisation with 6 cartonboard production facilities in Europe. The company is selling its products to over 70 different countries in the world throughout a network of wholly owned sales offices and exclusive agents, and employ more than 1,500 people.