Ethical Code and Organisational Model

The standards contained in this Ethical Code constitute the guiding principles and the lines of conduct from which all the subjects acting on behalf of RDM Group must take inspiration. Moreover, the same standards must also guide any interpersonal relationship inside the Group.

Ethical Code

In line with the commitments towards the stakeholders set out in the Ethical Code, and in respect of the entry into force of the Legislative Decree 8 June 2001, n. 231, which has introduced into the Italian legal system a specific liability regime at the Companies’ expense for certain types of offenses, the Company has adopted, in accordance with the provisions of such regulations, an Organisation and Management Model. This model foresees specific supervisory protocols aimed at preventing the type of offenses referred to in the abovementioned Legislative Decree being committed.

Any violation or suspected violation of the Model 231/01 could be reported to the Supervisory Board, in accordance with the procedures provided for the communication of suspected breaches of the Ethical Code.

Organisation and Management Model RDM
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