Michele Bianchi, RDM CEO, at STAR Conference 2017, London (source: ELITE Connect)


RDM is the leading Italian and second-ranked European producer of cartonboard made of recycled fibers material. The Company is able to offer today a full range of products from recycled to virgin cartonboard thanks to the acquisition of R.D.M. La Rochette s.a.s. (Cascades s.a.s.), closed on June 30th, 2016.

RDM is listed on the Milan Stock Exchange, within the STAR segment since 1996; the asset base consists of 6 production facilities: 3 mills are located in Italy, 2 in France and 1 in Germany.

The cartonboard offered by RDM can cover several types of applications, from packaging to binding solutions. The large product portfolio is present on the market through different business offers to satisfy customers’ requirements, guaranteeing a wide geographical coverage of the European markets. Customer service, product quality and cost efficiency solutions are paramount, as RDM focuses on becoming the Partner of Choice for converters and end-users.

The Group is also fully actively involved in sustainable development and carefully manages both the energy and natural resources utilized in the production process. One of its strength, in term of production sustainability, is the ability to close the cycle chain of the recycling fibers. 



During STAR Conference 2017 in London, Michele Bianchi, RDM CEO, has introduced the Group to the investors. Through a video (source: ELITE Connect), Mr Bianchi made a brief description about his first year at the head of the Company, during which he has activated a  >> more

Now we have become RDM

We are very excited to announce that from January 1st, 2017, Reno De Medici group, Cascades La Rochette and Careo have become a unified group under a new and unique identity: RDM. This development is the result of a journey that started in 2008, with the strategic business combination of two major cartonboard producers in Europe: Cascades and Reno De Medici. This also resulted in the creation of Careo. This strategic combination was finalised in June 2016 with the inclusion of the La Rochette mill into the Reno De Medici group, resulting in one unified group. >> more